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Saturday, September 1, 2012


My friend, and fellow newsman, Mel Taylor (ABC Miami) has released his new mystery, Death by Deadline, on Kindle. It continues were his other books left off. Here is a brief synopsis:

Each step closer to his prize of a photograph of the sunset in the exoticFlorida Evergladesalso brought him closer to his attacker. When a hiker finds him the next day, the question looming
for anxious detectives is whether he was killed by an animal of the glades, or is it murder.

TV reporter Matt Bowens is on the trail of a killer, all the time trying to quell a scared public and find out the truth before there is another Death by Deadhline.

This is what Amazon synopsis says:
The lure and wild beauty of the Florida Everglades attracts many people. On this night, Brock Molgan set out to take a picture of the sun setting over the glades. He did not hear the attacker approaching. When a tourist found his body the next morning, the first question for them remained: Was the assailant human or animal. 
South Florida TV reporter Matt Bowens arrives at the scene and learns from detectives, the victim suffered bite marks. A nervous public waits for answers and Bowens mounts a reporter's investigation into what happened. And why would Molgan approach his girlfriend before his death about buying her property, which rests next to the Everglades. This is the third in the series of the Deadline books. Bowens sets out to find the killer before there is another Death by Deadline. 

If I could write a synopsis that brief and that good . . . why ponder what I can not do? 
Check the book out, you won't be disappointed and if Mel's that good at synopsis writing, image how good he is at putting the whole story out there.

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