Michael Haskins

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Your name for a character in my next book!

Contest to have your name given to a character in my next book! 

Have you ever wished you were a character in fiction? Well, here’s your chance!
How’d you like your name to be given to a character in the book I am working on? Working title is MURPHY’S LAW. Four people can win and, to be politically correct, which my characters often aren’t, there are two slots for guys and two for gals!
What you have to do is go to my webpage – www.michaelhaskins.net – and email me using the info@ email address at the bottom of the homepage. Before emailing, you have to decide if you want your name to go to a good guy/gal or a bad guy/gal.
Let me warn you weak-of-heart types, the story deals with outlaw bikers, strip clubs and meth labs. Of course, it begins with a murder of a pregnant woman and goes downhill from there.
In the subject line of the email, state good or bad guy/gal. 
And in the text box briefly tell my why you want your name affiliated with your choice. You also have the option to mention something about yourself so I can give that attribute to the character. Make sure you send this from an email address I can respond to, if you are chosen. The character is fictional and in no way reflects on your personality.
You can only enter once.
The contest is open through Nov. 28. On the 30th, I will put the names into four hats and have the winning names pulled at breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s in Key West. Winners will be notified by email.
Please feel free to have your family, friends and social media contact join in.
Who knows, you may be the next Marlon Brando or femme fatlae!
Good luck!

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