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Friday, March 30, 2012

Echoes of Savanna & Raven's Song

My friend and fellow author, Lucinda Hawks Moebius, has some nice things to say about Key West, my home,and it says a little about her life too.  But the  important things she has to say are about her two books. Please take the time to discover this writer.

Thank you for hosting me on your blog.  To tell you the truth, I am extremely envious of you right now.  I can just imagine you sitting on the beach, a sun hat shielding your eyes, sipping a sweet drink, the kind with a little umbrella and a wedge of pineapple as a garnish, and watching a beautiful sunset.  I love the beautiful artwork of the sun as it rises and sets on the horizon.  
There have been times in my life when I have been on my way to work and I have just had to stop and drink in the sunrise.  One day I stepped out of my little car and glanced over my shoulder.  The sky was almost a translucent blue and the soft clouds were painted the beautiful orange-red you almost never find in an artist pallet. I had to stop and just watch as the colors shifted and deepened to the soft orange and pale blue of early morning.  It took my breath away and allowed me to start my day with the warmth and beauty of morning in my heart. The sun’s constant circle reminds us to cherish each moment, love the little things, and find beauty in the world. 

One of my favorite memories of my grandmother was sitting on the front porch of my childhood home and watching the sunset. We had pulled up two chairs and relaxed as we watched the light blue sky slowly turn pink, orange and red. The clouds floated across the sky like puffs of smoke slowly painting the horizon. Nothing can compare to the awe and silence a perfect sunset can bring to my heart. My grandmother and I didn’t speak for the entire time the sun was going down. We didn’t need to, the sunset said everything that needed to be said. Every time I see a sunset I remember the time I spent with my grandmother and the perfect communication we had between God, nature and a woman and a child. Sometimes words are not necessary.

My grandmother was one of my biggest influences in my writing.  She always fancied herself as a poet and always wanted one of her grandchildren to become a published author.  I was nurtured on her love for the written word and her influence led me to study the craft and develop the skills to be a writer.  Even watching the sun rise and set was a lesson in writing.  It’s impossible to watch the sun make its journey and not want to put it into words.  Learning to put the images we see in our lives into words is one of the most important skills an author can develop.  In order to become better writers I think we should all spend more time watching sunsets.

I know I haven’t spoken much about me and my writing today.  I’m sorry if I am disappointing your readers by not telling them about my books and my life story.  I will provide you with the blurbs and links so your readers can see what I’m all about.  In the meantime I am going to check out a few travel sites and book some tickets to some tropical location where I can sip some fruity drinks under an umbrella and drink in the sunset.

Thank you for having me today
Lucinda Moebius

Echoes of Savanna:
Every generation has its defining moments, events that change history and turn the course of lives. Forever will the children of that generation be defined by those moments.
Savanna Taylor is a medical doctor in 2036, the same year terrorists release a series of plagues and viruses into the world. She is a nineteen year old Brain Trust whose task it is to find a cure for the diseases and develop vaccines to prevent their further spread. The world is thrown in turmoil and Savanna needs to find a way to survive with her sanity and family intact. She needs to find a safe Haven for herself and for those she loves.
Can Savanna cope in a world in constant flux brought on by war and disease? Can she save the world and protect her loved ones or will she make the ultimate sacrifice? How will she be defined?

Raven’s Song:
The next generation has come into its own.  Raven, Savanna’s impulsive, impetuous daughter has begun her own epic journey.

Raven was born in a time of turmoil and war.  She decides her calling in life is to be a soldier.  Sacrificing the shelter and security of Haven, Raven puts herself at risk to save others.  She finds herself in perilous situations and thrust into the role of leadership despite her own misgivings.  The Siren’s Song of Haven is continuously singing to her.  She could be safe, protected, sheltered and warm if she returned to Haven and its stone walls.  But, is it her destiny to live in the walls of Haven, or is there another destiny in store for this child of Haven?

About the author:
Lucinda Moebius grew up in the mountains of Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Her mother taught her to read when she was four years old and since that time books have been her constant companions. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Teaching, a Master’s in Educational Leadership and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education. Lucinda supports her writing habit by teaching High School and College. She currently lives in Boise, Idaho with her husband, stepson and their dog and cat.

Find me on facebook: Lucinda Hawks Moebius

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