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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Michelle Gagnon and I will sign at the Mystery Bookstore in LA

On the weekend, Bobby McCue from the Los Angeles Mystery Bookstore called and set a time for my July 19th signing, 2 p.m., and asked if I'd mind sharing the time slot with California writer Michelle Gagnon. I am so honored to be signing in one of LA’s oldest and most prestigious bookstores that I would sign with the devil, just to be included.

Well, I Googled Michelle (and you should too) and found a very attractive young lady and, if reviews are any way to judge, talented too! I am glad she’s not the devil, because I would be happy to sign with her anywhere, any day! That's Michelle to the right, and below is a quote from her webpage:

“Michelle Gagnon is a former modern dancer, dog walker, bartender, freelance journalist, personal trainer, model, and Russian supper club performer. To the delight of her parents, she eventually gave up all these jobs for an infinitely more stable and lucrative position as a crime fiction writer.
“Her debut thriller THE TUNNELS was published in the United States and Australia, and was an IMBA bestseller. Described as ‘Silence of the Lambs meets The Wicker Man,’ the story involves a series of ritualized murders in the abandoned tunnel system beneath a university.
“The following book in the series, BONEYARD, depicts a cat and mouse game between dueling serial killers in the Berkshires. “Michelle is a member of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, Romance Writers of America, and International Thriller Writers.
“In her spare time she runs errands and indulges a weakness for stale cinema popcorn and Hollywood blockbusters. Hopelessly addicted to Scrabulous, she's seriously considering a twelve-step program. She lives in San Francisco with her family.”

I’m reading “The Tunnels” now, but should have saved it for the flight to LA, because, I am told, you can’t be afraid of flying if something else is scaring you! How, I have to find out, did someone who looks so gentle write this book? I have to find out and it is somewhat out of jealousy!

I hope, if you are in the Los Angeles area on July 19th, you’ll stop by and say hi to both Michelle and me.


Patti said...

Michael, I want to first thank you for the book. My Mom, Sue Harrison - KW assistant city clerk- Gave me a copy for my birthday (signed- thank you!)while I was down in May. I read it when I got back (to IL) and read some of it out loud to my boyfriend and now he can't wait to read the whole book. He doesn't read anything but Jeep mags! But I got him intrigued.
I just wrote you a total appreciative letter and then deleted it in error! So I'll generalize and maybe write more later!! ( oh!!!!!!) It was really good too!! (Ha!)(I know - save & save & save again!)Too late now.
I would love to meet up with you next time I'm in town, if you are around. I can try and elaborate in words instead of deleted Email! It could be interesting to get inside your brain!
Thank you so much for an intriguing brain adventure! You Rock!!
Patti Stegall

Terry Odell said...

Wish I could be in LA, Michael--it's my home town, but I can't swing the trip. Good luck with your signing. I've been hearing great things about your book.

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