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Monday, February 4, 2008

Adrian McKinty on James Ellroy

One of my favorite blogs is Irish writer Declan Burke’s http://www.crimealwayspays.blogspot.com/. As if there are not enough American mystery writers, my library is now beginning to hold Irish mystery writers, because of Declan.

Irish writer Adrian McKinty now lives in Colorado and even taught at one of the state’s universities. He has an interesting guest blog on crimealwayspays that deals with James Ellroy’s work.

McKinty, no slouch himself, with his “Dead Trilogy,” The Dead Yard, Dead I Well May Be and The Bloomsday Dead (the last honoring James Joyce and his Ulysses and, like Joyce’s novel, The Bloomsday Dead takes place on June 16, for 24-hours in Ireland) along with a stand alone novel, Hidden River. I have read them all and McKinty's writing leaves you breathless.

McKinty is well worth reading and when Dec’s Eightball Boogie and The Big O are published here in the states, within the next few months, they too will be worth reading. Or, I guess, you can do like I did and order them through his website and be the first in America to discover this talented Irish writer.

Back to McKinty, his blog has an interesting take on Ellroy’s work and I thought you might enjoy what McKinty said and why he said it.

Enjoy the site.

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